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Pet Street Veterinary Care Center

Advanced Anesthesia

Our team of highly skilled veterinary technicians and doctors take the most advanced approach to anesthesia monitoring.


Anesthesia for your pet is a very important part of any type of surgery. Our hospital has taken the most advanced approach to anesthesia monitoring with our team of highly skilled veterinary technicians and doctors. They are dedicated to providing the highest standard of anesthesia and safety for your pet and we have the AAHA accreditation to prove it!.

Pre-anesthetic blood work is performed to ensure that your pet is metabolically healthy to undergo anesthesia. In addition, an EKG may be performed for cardiac patients and senior pets to check for any underlying rhythm disturbances. Once a complete physical examination is performed and all pre-surgical testing reviewed, your pet will be prepped for surgery. Each pet is attached to our anesthesia monitoring equipment and is observed by a veterinary technician. Advanced anesthetic monitoring includes a system that monitors heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, electrocardiography, temperature, and pulse oximetery.

These parameters are continuously monitored and recorded while your pet is under anesthesia. This allows us to use the least amount of anesthesia for each procedure which has as a result that your pet has a rapid recovery after surgery, even if they are sick and senior. After the procedure, your pet continues to have one-on-one care with a trained staff member until they have fully recovered. Click here for more information about pre-anesthetic testing.